What we’re looking for:

We’re using PHP 7, CodeIgniter, MariaDB and Redis. We live “agile” and we are a friendly bunch, loving what we do. Even better, we care about getting things right and spend the time and attention necessary to build-in the quality most companies just talk about – code analysis, code reviews, unit tests, automated user acceptance tests (codeception and selenium). We’re keen to find someone who cares as much as we do about building amazing, high quality products.

Do you get a buzz out of building and shipping a new user flow and using data to see the impact it has on real users? Do you want to help build fast online applications that scale? You might also enjoy configuring and optimising how everything fits together – so a bit of DevOps experience wouldn’t go astray.  These are our daily concerns.

What you’ll be doing at Personify Care:

You’ll be employed in our engineering team here in Adelaide and involved in shipping new releases of our platform to our Australian and US customer-base.

You’ll develop prototypes of new features.  You’ll develop, test and release new functionality.  You’ll measure the impact new features have on the patient and clinical user experiences.

You’ll work closely with the rest of the engineering team as part of our regular release cycles and you’ll contribute to quality assurance processes, code reviews and expanding test-case scenarios.

In between software releases, you’ll contribute to discussions around our technology road-map, help expand our technical documentation and work with customer support and sales staff to prioritise new features and changes based on customer feedback.

After 3 months you will have:

  • Developed and released beautiful new front-end features
  • Measured the impact new features / changes have on our key metrics.
  • Contributed to the release of new versions of our platform through code reviews, building new test scenarios and participating in technical discussions and reviews.
  • Documented new designs and proposed new ideas towards our technology roadmap,
  • Got to know the people within our team across Customer Support, Business Development and Sales.

What you’ll get out of this role:

We’re providing a unique opportunity for the right person to:

  • Expand their experience building user interfaces that are used by thousands of users internationally.
  • The opportunity to develop solution for clinical teams (which we believe are amazing human beings) to deliver the best possible care to their patients.
  • Competitive compensation, a great team environment and working with exceptional people who love what they do.

How to apply:

  • send us an email to careers@personifycare.com, with an example of a user interface or experience that you’ve been involved in developing yourself (or one that you wish you had developed) and why it makes so much sense,
  • send it, along with your CV and a brief description of the top reason why you want to join the Personify Care team

About Personify Care:

Personify Care is an Australian company that helps hospitals, clinics and healthcare teams monitor their patients’ recovery beyond the hospital stay.  We develop technology solutions to simultaneously improve patient care, save clinicians time and reduce costs for healthcare organisations… because patients need personalised care beyond their hospital stay.

Company website: https://www.personifycare.com

Company address: 10 Pulteney Street, Adelaide, SA 5000