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Personify Care is easy to use software for healthcare providers. Plug-in your own clinical protocols & pathways. Screen & educate patients for pre-admission clinical risks & post-treatment recovery. Allow staff to deliver care without manually processing forms and time consuming phone calls.


Personify Care Media Statement

23 August 2020


All statements to be attributed to Personify Care CEO, Ken Saman

Personify Care has been made aware of media reports in which it is alleged that our services with SA Pathology have been suspended because of data and privacy breaches.

As per the statement made by SA Health on Twitter on 23 August:

“SA Pathology would like to respond to a recent media report on Channel 7 news and reiterate that we continue to work with Personify Care. There has been no data or privacy breaches associated with the use of the product.”

SA Pathology published a statement on the same date stating that:

“Personify Care remains engaged to deliver our digital service, however we’ve paused the use of their SMS delivery function while we review the best way to communicate increased number of COVID-19 test results.

In order to meet the increasing demand, SA Pathology has utilised a separate platform that allows us to deliver negative results.”

As a proudly South Australian company, we deliver our digital health solutions to support health services across Australia, New Zealand and the US – with over 1 million patient interactions delivered securely via our platform in the last 12 months alone. Since our company was established some 6 years ago, we have not had a single privacy breach. This is central to delivering on our promise of connecting patients to the best possible care.

We will continue to work with SA Pathology and more broadly across SA Health as needed to deliver a world-class health service to the South Australian community.

Media contact:
Ken Saman
CEO, Personify Care Pty Ltd