The Personify Care Platform

More than just another patient portal or patient information app:

  • Underpinning Personify Care is a learning system that uses patient interaction data to continuously optimise the patient response rate. This ensures for example that the timing, frequency and medium (e.g. sms, email, in-app) of patient interactions can be tailored to reach a patient when it’s most convenient for them and ensures clinicians have the best visibility to their progress.
  • As the number of patient interactions and unique clinical protocols being delivered via the platform continues to grow, so will the platform’s ability to optimise the response rate for more complex and longer duration protocols.
  • The clinical teams can at all times control and update the post-discharge clinical protocols they deliver to their patients without any software changes.
  • The platform provides clinicians and researchers the ability to run randomised experiments comparing the outcomes of different protocols against each other and identifying they key drivers for improved patient outcomes.

The Personify Care platform consists of two components:

1. The clinical dashboard:

Developed based on hundreds of hours of input from experienced nurses and clinicians using the platform to ensure the system:

  • works in the real world where the priority is caring for patients
  • actually saves time or and does not create “extra work”
  • is easier to use than a paper form or a traditional phone call
  • does not get in the way of the patient-clinician interaction
  • does not require change to existing workflows or work processes
  • can be setup by clinical staff within minutes (not weeks) without the need for special hardware
  • is simple to use and does not require special technical skills or extensive training.
  • allows the clinical team to be in control of any information being sent to patients
  • helps clinicians quickly and simply identify which patients need their attention most each day

2. The patient checklist:

Tested across thousands of patient interactions to ensure that:

  • It is accessible to people of all age groups including 80+
  • If a patient can send a text message they can use their patient checklist
  • It is accessible from any android, ios or other mobile or desktop device
  • It is optimised for a high patient response rate (otherwise we’re not helping patients and clinicians are better off using paper and phone calls)
  • It makes it easier to keep track of their recovery from a procedure or treatment

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