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      Pre-admission SmartScan

      Automatically screen your patients’ health history to flag clinical risks like Blood Thinners, VTE, BMI, Allergies, COVID19, and more.

      Eliminate the burden of manually reviewing and chasing paper forms so you can spend more time on high value care, with the high-risk patients.

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      Staff and patients are struggling with all the forms

      Pre-admission assessments are critical for managing risks to patients.

      Australian studies* show that increasing assessment forms are placing increasing “burdens on patients and staff”

      We can help reduce these burdens:

      Cognitive Burden

      Associated with making sense of, and interpreting data collected

      Workload Burden

      Associated with multiple risk and assessment forms used in hospitals

      *Redley B. Risk screening and assessment for avoiding preventable harm to older people in hospitals. Melbourne: Centre for Quality and Patient Safety Research, Deakin University; 2016.

      Go beyond data collection & spend more time on high-value care

      Easily see the high risk patients scheduled for admission in the next week, with one click.

      Automatically detect patient health risks

      • Automatically flag any patient that has any risk factors you screen for
      • Predictive risk calculation for complex risks
      • Get access to patient history early, without chasing patients
      • Be prompted with who needs to come in for a consultation

      Trigger patient pathways based on detected risks

      • Free up valuable time and resources without changing how you manage your health screening
      • Your forms, your questions, your risk criteria
      • Create custom flags to alert clinical teams of risk ratings
      • Put into the patients hands early with automated triggers, reminders and more.

      Make it easy to register. Put the generated QR code on signs, forms and cards.

      Double the capacity of your clinical teams

      • Thorough pre-admission assessment is critical, but traditionally it’s manual & time consuming
      • Whether you collect patient health history on paper or with digital forms, traditional risk calculation is a manually intensive process
      • We can help you move beyond simple data collection, so you can spend more time on high value care

      Health-Grade privacy and security

      • Powered by Personify Care platform that’s been used to monitor over 1 million patient interactions and screen over 290,000 clinical risks in the last 12 month
      • Meets all Australian privacy & security requirements
      • Patient identity verified through 2-factor authentication
      • Patient opt-in consent at registration to share information with healthcare team
      • All information stored in Australia.
      • Adheres to strict security standards with all data encrypted in transit and at rest

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