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Personalised care in a simple checklist for each patient on their mobile.  Designed for surgical practices and hospitals to simplify the delivery of recovery protocols beyond the hospital stay.


Reduce cancellations · See more patients · Enhance quality · Intervene early · Reduce costs.


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About Personify Care

An Australian company operating in Australia, NZ and the US. Established on the belief that patients deserve the best possible care even when they’re not in a hospital or clinic. Just as importantly, we believe nursing staff, deserve to spend their time caring for their patients rather than on admin tasks, paperwork and time-consuming phone calls.

We help staff at hospitals and surgical centres map their pre-admission and post-op patient pathways so that nursing staff can seamlessly screen pre-admission risks and track post-discharge recovery without manually processing paper forms or making time-consuming phone calls.

We offer a mobile platform that can be configured by staff to track patient pre-admission and / or post-discharge pathways and produces patient response rates of over 80%. Patients get a secure checklist on their mobile so that they are better prepared before surgery and have a better recovery post-discharge. Nursing staff get visibility via a dashboard of the patients that require follow-up based on their progress in the previous 24 hours against existing clinical criteria.

By eliminating 70-80% of the cost of delivering proven clinical protocols before and after an admission or clinical appointment, we enable leading healthcare providers to simultaneously:

> Detect patient risks early

> Improve the quality of patient care and experience

> Enable more patients to access clinical best practice

In 2017, Personify Care was 1 of 3 Australian companies selected by the Texas Medical Center’s Innovation Institute to support its launch into the US market:

“Personify Care was able to distill information discussed onto a patient journey map and helped identify opportunities to streamline the process or where technology could assist us.”

Robyn Sutherland

CEO, Ambulatory & Home Services, St John of God Health Care

“The Patient Pathway Mapping workshop facilitated by Personify Care allowed our team examine our pathways from a patient perspective and look for opportunities to streamline processes and enhance the patient experience.”

Emma Lyndon

DON, Adelaide Day Surgery, Cura, Day Hospitals Group

“Personify Care helped us create the best protocol for our patient journeys. We had immediate support and changes were actioned very quickly. It was seamless that we were in New Zealand.”


Clinical Application Coordinator, Mercy Hospital

“Personify Care allows us to collect and evaluate health information provided directly from our patients thereby enhancing patient care and improving patient outcomes.”

Sonya McColl

Sonya McColl, National Research Manager - Cardiology, Genesis Care

“Personify Care is very intuitive and easy to use. It eliminates all the manual steps so we can focus on looking after our patients. We can create new patient pathways ourselves without needing to build new software. I really appreciate the ongoing support from the Personify Care team.”

Danielle Parent

Danielle Parent, Lead Care Coordinator, Care Connected

“By using the Personify Care platform we have been able to improve patients’ experience of care, identify potential risks early and more effectively target interventions


Stephen Walker

CEO, St Andrew's Hospital

Latest Developments

The Evidence

Personify Care has been shown to deliver patient response rates of over 90% and allow early detection of patient risks in 1 in 5 cases. Without increasing workloads, patients can be monitored 8-times as often. Learn more

Intelligent Technology

Underpinning Personify Care is a learning system that uses patient interaction data to continuously optimise the patient response rate. This ensures clinicians have the best visibility to their progress. Learn more

Easy to use Features

Developed based on hundreds of hours of input from experienced nurses and clinicians and proven across thousands of patient interactions. Learn more.