Informed Consent for Medical Procedures and Anaesthesia

Bring together surgery information and informed consent process into a seamless digital experience. Improve patient understanding and satisfaction, plus increase clinical and administrative efficiency.
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Increase clinical and administrative efficiency

Hospitals and clinics can be confident that admitted patients have consented for surgery in advance.

Patients can independently watch a consent video or read the online consent form and digitally sign their consent, freeing up valuable time

Consent pathways can be easily customised to suit your informed surgical and anaesthesia consent experience – from videos to digital consent forms

Reminders and helpful flags can notify hospital teams to escalate visibility if patients consent is not provided

patient medical consent collection in Personify Care
Personify Care desktop patient consent

Enhance patient understanding and satisfaction

Patients are given appropriate, timely information for surgery or anaesthesia. No more documents signed moments before surgery.

Online consent forms and videos are accessible to all patients, on any device

Reduce medico-legal risk with well-informed patients who can access on-demand, timely information

Using Personify Care’s powerful proxy experience, guardians can provide consent for minors

Total patient consent experience

Clinical and administrative teams can easily inform patients about their surgery and collect surgical, anaesthesia, and financial consent for out of pocket expenses – all in the one place.

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Health Grade Security & Privacy.

Powered by Personify Care platform that’s been used to monitor over 10.1 million patient interactions and screen over 9.3 million clinical risks.

Interoperability by design. Information collected from patients can be stored as part of their patient record via integration into your Patient Management System (PMS) or Electronic Medical Record (EMR).


Meets all Australian & New Zealand privacy & security requirements.


HIPAA Compliant for US providers.


Patient identity verified through 2-factor authentication.


Patient opt-in consent at registration to share information with healthcare team.


All information stored onshore.


Adheres to strict security standards with all data encrypted in transit and at rest.

Trusted by world-class healthcare providers

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