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      Online payments for out-of-pocket hospital costs.

      Easily manage payments either prior to a patients’ arrival or post-discharge and improve the patient admission experience.

      Get paid faster, reduce pressure on your admission staff

      • Collect payments early and reduce friction for patients and staff
      • Spend less time chasing patients for payments with a live dashboard to view patient payment status
      • Using our Stripe integration,  hospitals and clinics of all sizes can accept payments
      • Easily link an existing Stripe account, create a new one, or integrate your own payment solution

      A smooth admission experience for your patients

      • Clearly communicate payment requirements prior to a patients’ arrival
      • Worry-free payments experience – patients can choose to pay their out-of-pocket expenses in advance, post-discharge, or at the hospital
      • Plus, create flexible reminders and prompts for patients and staff to follow up outstanding amounts, prior to admittance

      How does Personify Care’s Online Payments for Hospitals work?

      How does Personify Care’s Online Payments for Hospitals work?

      Patient gets sent a notification to pay any out-of-pocket expenses prior to their day of admission. They pay securely via their mobile or online and funds are transferred to the hospital bank account.

      Patients still have the option of paying on their day of admission if they prefer – and are flagged as still having an outstanding payment for easy reporting and administration.

      Is Personify Care’s Online Payments secure?

      Personify Payments can either be provided via the Stripe or using your existing payment solution. Stripe is a secure payment solution and is fully PCI compliant.

      If using your existing payment solution, you maintain your current compliance and security levels. Either way, Personify Care never has access to patient credit card details.

      What are the costs?

      Health services will need to license the Personify Care platform (based on staff and patient volume) contact us for more information.

      If using the Stripe, transaction fees apply. Alternatively, your existing payment solution fees will continue to apply.

      Do I have to have a Stripe account?

      No, you can choose to create a Stripe account or connect your own payment solution.

      How long does it take to setup?

      Setup is quick and easy. You’ll need your organisations payment solution details on-hand, our team are also here to help. We’ll walk you through the steps and have you setup quickly and easily.

      Can Personify Care also manage Digital IFC?

      Yes, we can configure your patient pathways to suit your needs – including collecting Informed Financial Consent. Our Digital IFC solution is a fast and effective way for hospitals to inform a patient of the cost of treatment prior to their admission, and digitally collect their consent. Learn more about our Digital IFC solution.

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