Streamline day & overnight patient admissions

Spend less nursing time making unanswered phone calls to patients. We’re helping day hospital teams pre-screen the 24-hour post-operative checks to eliminate unnecessary calls and identify earlier the patients not recovering as expected.


Boost patient responses


Improve patient experience


Streamline post-op follow up


Smooth payment experience

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Boost timely patient response rates

Say goodbye to chasing unresponsive patients. Our platform learns from patient interactions to deliver patient response rates in excess of 85%. Your clinical teams can spend less time chasing paperwork, and more time with the patients that need it most.

Patients can easily access their journey via QR code, simple text message, or dedicated link on your website. An amazing 98% of patients recommend us to friends and family.

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Streamline post operative calls

Pre-screen 24-hour post-operative follow-ups for day patients. Easily monitor the risk of readmission to ultimately reduce readmission rates with real-time access to patient-reported outcomes.

Target nursing calls to the patients in need of support by automatically flagging patients based on their responses.

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Improve patient experience

Proven to significantly reduce calls and improve the patient experience.

By eliminating unnecessary phone calls (that often go unanswered) clinical teams are able to concentrate on the patients that need it most while keeping tabs on how all patients are tracking.

Studies show patients only recall 25% of the information given by their medical team. By digitising your pathways you’re ensuring patients receive critical information when they need it most. The result is an enhanced patient experience.

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Effortless collection of IFC & payment

Creating a smooth patient experience is not only about their physical wellbeing.

Easily communicate with your patients about consent for procedures and prompt them to pay for out-of-pocket expenses.
Patients are aware of the financial side of their treatment and administrative teams can easily manage payments either prior to a patient’s arrival or post-discharge.

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Digitise your patient pathways with Personify Care