One convenient, digital patient experience

For any patient pathway, for all healthcare teams. No special hardware and no change to your clinical protocols or administrative workflows.

For all patient pathways, clinical, or administrative

We’re not another patient portal. Our customers continue to use their existing patient portal or EMR solution, with many choosing to integrate to reduce duplication & manual handling.





“Personify Care has allowed us to develop protocols that are specific to our needs, and the benefit of being able to highlight potential risks prior to admission is invaluable to providing exceptional care. Our greatest group of patients completing our digital pathways come from the 65-74 age range”
-Bev Manuell, Clinical Information, Systems Specialist, St Andrews Hospital

For all patient interactions you need to support

We’re actively working on new pathways with our community for speciality units across public and private hospitals, and research clinics.


If your pathway is not listed, get in touch.

Automatically detect patient health risks

Screen your patients’ health history to flag clinical risks like Blood Thinners, VTE, BMI, Allergies, COVID19, and more.

Eliminate the burden of manually reviewing and chasing paper forms so you can spend more time on high value care, with the high-risk patients.

Screen patients for COVID-19, before arrival

Easily update pathways in minutes and keep pace with changing Covid-19 screening requirements. 

Screen patients prior to arrival, identify at-risk patients, and provide up-to date information via a convenient digital patient experience.  

Pre-screen Post-op Phone Calls

Spend less time chasing patients by pre-screening post-op calls for day patients.

Instantly flag patients that need support or are not recovering as expected. You’ll improve patient outcomes & reduce readmission rates.

Collect Informed Financial Consent

Fast and effective way for hospitals to inform a patient of the cost of treatment prior to their admission, and digitally collect their consent.

Reduce the risk of surgical days and secure digital consent quickly and easily.

Get paid faster and reduce friction for patients and staff

With Personify Care’s payment integration, administrative teams can easily manage payments either prior to a patient’s’ arrival or post-discharge and improve the patient admission experience.

Patients have the flexibility to choose to pay now or pay at the hospital.

Telehealth Patient Pathways for Health Services

Streamline patient communication, tasks and health screening before and after their Telehealth appointment.

Enable true continuity of care between face-to-face appointments, phone calls and Telehealth video calls, reduce friction for patients, and unnecessary administration for staff.

For all team sizes, across public and private hospitals and clinics – from 250 to 25,000 patients per month.

We’re here to help healthcare teams reduce unnecessary admin & phone calls.

Our focus is on helping you connect patients to the best possible care and enabling staff to do what they do best – care for their patients.

Connect to your existing patient management or EMR systems

Data collected using the Personify Care platform can be integrated with hospital EMRs and practice management software using HL7 standards.

Patient assessments can also be printed for inclusion in their paper record – in the identical format to your existing forms.

Pathway not listed? No worries! 

We’re actively working with many Research teams to bring evidence-based pathways off the shelf and into the real-world. From antenatal parental pathways to cancer preventative care, we’re seeking partners. Get in touch to learn more.

More than just another patient portal
or patient information app

Underpinning Personify Care is a learning system that uses patient interaction data to continuously optimise patient response rates. This enables the timing, frequency and medium (e.g. SMS, email, in-app prompt) of interactions to be tailored to reach a patient when it’s most convenient and ensures clinicians have real-time visibility into their progress.

Clinical and administrative teams can control and update the pathways they deliver to their patients, without delay.

Our platform provides researchers the ability to run randomised experiments comparing the outcomes of different pathways against each other. Helping to identify the key drivers for improved patient outcomes.

The Clinical Dashboard

Real-world practicality where the priority is caring for patients

Actually saves time or and does not create “extra work”

Easier to use than a paper form or a traditional phone call

Does not get in the way of the patient-clinician interaction

No change to existing workflows or work processes

Setup by clinical staff within minutes (not weeks) without the need for special hardware

patient medical consent collection in Personify Care

The Patient Checklist

Tested across 10.1 million+ patient interactions

Accessible to people of all age groups, including 80+

Any patient that can send an SMS, can use the patient checklist

Accessible from any android, iOS or mobile or desktop device

Optimised for a high patient response rate

Keep track of patient recovery from a procedure or treatment

Digitise your patient pathways with Personify Care