Driving quality improvements through real-time analytics and dashboard reporting

The data captured via our digital patient pathways is presented in real-time population-level dashboards and configurable reports, where it can be analysed and used to drive quality improvement initiatives and aid in complex operational-level decision making.

Drive clinical level quality improvement initiatives

Use the data in our dashboard reports to identify common risk factors at a particular point in your patient pathways, so that additional support can be given to patients at the appropriate stage in their journey.

Use patient reported outcomes (PROMs) data to support decision making for optimised care processes

Identify and address common risk factors post-discharge and monitor over time, to improve discharge processes and lower re-admission rates

Get real-time visibility of the impact hospital initiatives are having on the strategic priorities of the organisation

drive clinical quality improvement initiatives using personify care reporting
early visibility to readmission risks using personify care app

Improved patient experiences

Enabling better informed care decisions, based on population-level analysis over time.

Capture patient feedback and use our real-time dashboards to make immediate changes or use our reporting tools to analyse responses and drive wider change over time

Quickly identify the warning signs of complications and target patients that need intervention

Reveal ways to enhance patient care, leading to better patient outcomes

Effect workflow improvements

Use our dashboard reports to measure the effectiveness of workflows and make adjustments to ensure the efficient flow of patients through the hospital.

Improve accuracy and take the work out of report generation, saving health care staff time

Deliver program efficiencies by targeting support based on real-time patient progression, or by evaluating population-level metrics via our dashboards

Measure patient reported experiences across time and departments to quickly determine where change is needed

effective patient and hospital communication loop using personify care

Creating a hospital-patient feedback loop

Analyse the patient pathway data and feedback presented in our live dashboard reports to discover, monitor and measure quality improvements and close the feedback loop between patient and hospital.

Configurable population-level reporting that allows any of the patient activity data to be displayed and analysed in simple dashboards and reports.

View patient experience data by date range, patient cohort, procedure type, demographics and more

Export data and combined with other data sets for further analysis

Clinical team alerts in the form of flags are viewed on the dashboard. Flags appear on the dashboard 60 seconds after the patient has responded

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Health Grade Security & Privacy.

Powered by Personify Care platform that’s been used to monitor over 10.1 million patient interactions and screen over 9.3 million clinical risks.

Interoperability by design. Information collected from patients can be stored as part of their patient record via integration into your Patient Management System (PMS) or Electronic Medical Record (EMR).


Meets all Australian & New Zealand privacy & security requirements.


HIPAA Compliant for US providers.


Patient identity verified through 2-factor authentication.


Patient opt-in consent at registration to share information with healthcare team.


All information stored onshore.


Adheres to strict security standards with all data encrypted in transit and at rest.

Trusted by world-class healthcare providers

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