Real-Time Patient Feedback Monitoring for Hospitals and Health Services

Are you only getting feedback from your “very happy” and “very unhappy” patients? Convert your patient feedback process into a digital patient pathway with response rates of over 87%.

Flag poor patient experiences in real-time. Review population-level data through live dashboards. Drive quality improvement initiatives based on real-time patient experience measures (PREMS).

Try the patient experience

Real-time population level reporting

Review live population level patient experience dashboards.

Feedback provided from patients visible within population-level dashboards within minutes

Flag poor experiences in real-time for follow up. Share positive feedback with staff

View patient experience data by date-range, patient cohort, procedure type, demographics and more

Use real-time patient feedback and PREMs to drive and measure quality improvement initiatives

patient medical consent collection in Personify Care
Personify Care desktop patient consent

Your patient feedback process as a mobile patient experience

Convert your existing patient feedback assessments into a mobile patient experience within days.

Eliminate paper feedback forms and administrative reporting overhead

Proven response rates of over 87% across any patient cohort

Visibility to the true patient experience – not just extremely satisfied or extremely unsatisfied

Embed patient feedback into the existing patient journey for all patients

One seamless patient experience

Make it easier for patients to provide feedback as part of their patient journey.

Paper forms or standalone tools result in low patient response rates

Reduce administrative burden on staff

Embed patient feedback into their existing patient pathway

Free up capacity to provide a high value care experience

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Health Grade Security & Privacy

Powered by Personify Care platform that’s been used to monitor over 10.1 million patient interactions and screen over 9.3 million clinical risks. 

Interoperability by design. Information collected from patients can be stored as part of their patient record via integration into your Patient Management System (PMS) or Electronic Medical Record (EMR).


Meets all Australian and New Zealand privacy & security requirements.


HIPAA Compliant for US providers.


Patient identity verified through 2-factor authentication.


Patient opt-in consent at registration to share information with healthcare team.


All information stored onshore.


Adheres to strict security standards with all data encrypted in transit and at rest.

Trusted by world-class healthcare providers

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