Accelerating digital health transformation

The sound execution of a digital transformation strategy is critical to meet the present demands on health services.

Digital Patient Pathways provide a unique opportunity to relieve the current pressure on health service whilst setting the foundation for digitally-enabled models of care to deliver:

Personalised Care

Supported Workforce


Data-driven Preventative Care


A Learning Health System


Built-in Interoperability


Built-in Security

Cornerstones of a digital health strategy

Personify Care’s digital health platform has a track record of rapidly delivering some of the key foundations of a sound digital health strategy, within weeks.

Deliver quick wins and future-proof your digital health strategy.

digital health adoption

Evidence-based protocols proven to improve outcomes aren't reaching patients, that's where we can help.


Patient response rate across all specialties and clinical pathways

Patient interactions monitored

Clinical risks screened

personalised care

Consumers are demanding convenient digital access to care

Consumer expectations are rising.

Convenient, omni-channel access to care, is no longer optional.

Delivering better health outcomes across a patient population also means that each patient experience needs to be based on evidence-based models of care that takes into account the individual’s risk profile, procedure, treatment, and their progress against clinically defined guidelines.

As patients spend more of their health journey away from face-to-face encounters, hybrid models of care (virtual care and in-person) need to be embedded into the operating model of a health service.

Digital patient pathways provide scalable data-driven model to dynamically adjust to the clinical needs and preferences of healthcare consumer. All without manual intervention, additional administrative burden or limiting the therapeutic relationship between patient and clinician.

Personalised Patient Experience + Supported Clinical Workforce

Digital Patient Pathways provide a personalised patient experience, without interfering with clinical process.

Equity of Access – all patients, age groups, demographics, not limited to a particular device or health literacy
Scalable data-driven personalisation with built in identity verification, URN mapping and opt-in consent
Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) Community Support – including multi-language support

Support for hybrid omni-channel Models of Care

Digital Patient Pathways enable new evidence-based models of care to be delivered at scale.

Patients can receive the right information at the right time, and clinicians get real-time visibility to their health progress – without the need for additional clinical staff.   This enables enhanced models of care for patients beyond their hospital stay.

Supported workforce section header

Clinically-led, digitally-enabled models of care

Digital health transformations scale when supported by clinical leads

Digital transformation needs to support clinical workflows, not disrupt or get in the way of healthcare teams providing care to patients.

Digital health technologies need to provide clinicians with support for patient intervention within the governance frameworks of the clinical models of care.

Reduce staff burden, without compromising quality of care

Workforce shortages are rising. Employing more staff is increasingly difficult.

Digital transformation needs reduce the burden on staff and better utilise your existing resources and theatre. Digital initiatives also need to improve patient access to care and reduce wait times for treatments and procedures.

With Personify Care, clinicians can optimise patient preperation (clinical and administrative) to book patients earlier, and ensure they arrive ready.


Reduce the cost and time of care, while improving the experience for healthcare professionals


Just-in-time information to support the clinical workflow, improve patient flow and enable early interventions to enhance health outcomes


Reduce the administrative burden on staff by removing unnecessary manual steps and paper-based workflows

Arindam Chaudhuri - Executive Director Digital Health NALHN

The team has thrived with the autonomy of the consumer-focused co-designed model we’ve adopted.

Our clinical staff are the experts when it comes to how to support our consumers and ensure we improve our clinical workflows.

This provides us with a meaningful way to accelerate our digital transformation strategy.

– Arindam Chaudhuri, Executive Director Digital Health
Northern Adelaide Local Health Network

Learn more about NALHN's Transformative Results

learning health system
Digital Health Strategy Patient Journey Map

A foundation for ongoing quality improvement of digital health strategies 

Link quality improvement initiatives to strategic priorities with real-time analytics 


Digital patient pathways can support digital health transformation strategies and a sustainable health system with more efficient patient access and flow through the hospital doors, while saving significant resources and budget.

Data-driven quality improvements, models-of-care and service delivery by enabling clinicians to adjust, approve and evaluate pathways, without the need to build new digital health technology
Support research activities & clinical evaluation of new models of care

Embed patient-reported measures into the clinical workflow

Optimise service delivery to reduce clinical variation

Support the implementation of clinical best practice pathways and move toward standardised processes.


Identify system inefficiencies and “digitally-enable” healthcare professionals


Gain visibility into clinical preparation and reduce the variation across units, departments and sites


Create standardised clinically-specific pre-admission and post-discharge pathways

Improved, Crowdsourced Data

Data-driven preventative care

Unlock high-frequency quality data.

A key driver of digital transformation is the predictive power of data and the potential to address some of the key challenges faced by healthcare service. 

From predicting adverse patient outcomes and avoiding unnecessary ED presentations to being able to accurately forecast demand on different parts of the health system.  

However – data quality is key.  Low quality data leads low confidence predictions.

Better data = better predictions

Digital patient pathways simultaneously increase the frequency, improve the accuracy and reduces the costs of capturing data into an EMR, data analytics platform or data lakes

Data can be analysed and used to drive quality improvement initiatives and aid in complex operational-level decision making.


    Structured data elements & clinical documents


    Improve the quality within PAS, EMRs, data lakes


    Collect data from patients and surface to clinicians in real-time


    Real-time feedback loop with patients, health teams can rely on the quality and timeliness of data

    Population-level reporting

    Data captured via digital patient pathways is presented in real-time population-level dashboards and configurable reports to predict demand, clinical risks, or Emergency Department presentations.

    Data can be analysed and used to drive quality improvement initiatives and aid in complex operational-level decision making.
    Personify Care allows any of the patient activity data to be displayed and analysed in simple, configurable dashboards and reports.


    Support for both clinical patient care and population-level reporting

    Reduce the friction and cost of getting data from patients with seamless integration of patient-reported data collection alongside other education material into digital patient pathways

    Reduce transcription errors and ensure information is legible

    built in security and interoperability

    Best-in-class digital health technology & HL7 standards-based interoperability

    Many of the challenges facing digital health roll out is the poor execution of all-in-one systems made to stretch in unintended ways.

    Best-in-class cloud solutions offer a secure, scalable method to optimise digital health strategies alongside existing technology. 

    We know what we do best (and stick to it) – helping you connect with patients in meaningful, data-driven ways. 



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    Built-in Interoperability

    Incorporating Digital Patient Pathways into your digital health strategy, you gain a method to collect and share a single source of truth of a patients’ health record.

    We can easily integrate into your existing digital ecosystems.



    Standards-based interoperability by design

    Single-Sign-On (SSO) to avoid multiple logins by healthcare providers

    Ability to embed the patient view within existing or future portals and EMRs

    Data collected can be integrated with hospital EMRs and practice management software using HL7 standards

    Patient assessments can also be printed and included in the paper health record – in the identical format to your existing forms.


    Digitise your patient pathways with Personify Care