Outpatient Waitlist Audit Pathways

Convert your outpatient audit process – letters, phone calls and texts – into a simple, digital patient pathway within two weeks.

Patients waiting for their initial outpatient appointment can be asked to confirm their identity and if they still need an Outpatient Appointment, without consuming clinician time for significantly less cost.

Let us help you get better visibility of your actual waitlist,
and improve access to care for patients.

Reduce Phone Calls


Proven to Reduce Waitlists


Live within

2 Weeks 

Results presented at ACHSM Health Leaders Congress 2023

Reduce the time and resources audits take

Across public health services there are inefficiencies in outpatient waitlist management.

Auditing the backlog of patient referrals waiting for an outpatient appointment creates administrative bottlenecks.

The current audit process of; sending letters > no answer, phone call > no answer, text message > no answer; resulting patient being taken off the waitlist, is broken. 

This delays assigning patients to the appropriate level of care, severely limits visibility into the true requirements of patients on the wait list, and consumes scarce clinical staff time making repeated, unanswered phone calls. 

outpatient waitlist audit pathway dashboard

Are your waitlists accurate?

We’re supporting health services across Australia to reduce long wait periods for Outpatient Appointments by ensuring waitlists are accurate.

We can help your health service meet required thresholds for wait times, whilst effectively screening for patient risk, despite the increasing demand on services.

Digital outpatient waitlist audits offer an efficient and cost effective solution

With the support of our onboarding team, your Outpatient Clinic can be live in 2 weeks, with an investment of 2 licences ($1600 per month).

Easily reduce the FTE being consumed on low value tasks significantly, and redirect resources to high value care.

By sending patients on the waitlist a digital checkin asking them, “Do you still need your appointment?” – outpatient clinics are significantly reducing their wait lists, and unburdening their teams.

Launch your digital outpatient audit in under 2 weeks

What outpatient services are using Personify Care's digital pathways?

Local hospital outpatient services across Victoria, Queensland and South Australia are using Personify Care’s digital patient pathways to audit waitlists, plus support patients throughout their journey. From confirming and rescheduling outpatient appointments, to ensuring patients arrive prepared and have all appropriate tests and scans completed.

How do Personify Care's digital pathways confirm if a patient still requires their outpatient appointment?

Patients are sent a text messaging prompting them to access a secure personalised checklist to confirm their identity and if they still require an outpatient appointment.

Can the waitlist audit pathway be customised to our outpatient services protocols?

The outpatient waitlist audit pathway can be fully customised to your local health services existing protocols.

Why Outpatient Clinics use digital waitlists pathways alongside existing hospital system?

Outpatient clinics across public hospitals are using digital patient pathways to optimise service capacity and manage demand for scarce resources. Our digital patient pathways are a rapid scalable solution that can work alongside your local hospitals referral process and waitlist. Existing models of sending letters and making repeated phone calls to confirm outpatient appointments are impacting clinic capacity and leading to longer waiting times.

Can the digital pathway continue beyond the waitlist audit?

Yes, Personify Care’s digital patient pathways can be used throughout the patient journey – from referral, to confirming medical specialist appointments, prehabilitation prior to surgery, pre-admission smart screening and education to post-discharge support.

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