Digital Patient Pathways for Public Hospitals

Free up scarce resources so your clinical teams can focus on patient-centred high-value care. Quickly assess patients and direct them to the right level of care for their needs.


Streamline patient screening


Better patient outcomes


Enhance recovery


Reduce clinical admin


Communicate gap fees

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Free your clinical team from paper forms and phone calls

Improve access to patient information throughout their journey – from triaging risks prior to pre-op appointments to advance planning for post-operative care.

Unlock resources and embrace new evidence-based care models by reducing the volume of unanswered or unnecessary phone calls – without impacting the patient experience.

We’re helping public hospital teams screen day patient post-operative calls and identify earlier the patients not recovering as expected.

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Streamline patient education and health assessment

Digitise your clinical and administrative patient pathways with ease.

Automatically personalise mobile-first pathways by procedure type and the individual patient. Plus cover off all the essential content and tasks – from pre-admission clinical information (like fasting instructions) to administrative information (like directions to the hospital, parking suggestions and more).

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Enhance patient recovery programs

Connect with patients, even when they’re not physically in the hospital. Create true continuity of care between face-to-face appointments, phone calls, and Telehealth calls with unified patient pathways.

Increase the visibility of a patient’s recovery and monitor the risk of readmission to ultimately reduce readmission rates with real-time access to patient-reported outcomes.

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Improve discharge planning and visibility of complications

Screen patients early to plan support and rehabilitation plans when they go home.

Easily combat patient confusion post-surgery with clear and timely tasks and information that keeps patients connected to care, throughout their recovery phase, to reduce readmissions and complications.

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Health Grade Security & Privacy

Powered by Personify Care platform that’s been used to monitor over 10.1 million patient interactions and screen over 9.3 million clinical risks. 

Interoperability by design. Information collected from patients can be stored as part of their patient record via integration into your Patient Management System (PMS) or Electronic Medical Record (EMR).


Meets all Australian and New Zealand privacy & security requirements.


HIPAA Compliant for US providers.


Patient identity verified through 2-factor authentication.


Patient opt-in consent at registration to share information with healthcare team.


All information stored onshore.


Adheres to strict security standards with all data encrypted in transit and at rest.

Digitise your patient pathways with Personify Care