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Telehealth Patient Pathways for Health Services

Support the full patient journey. Better prepare patients for the telehealth visit and manage their progress after their consult. Collect patient history in advance. Use your existing telehealth provider or select from one of our partners. Get Started in under 24 hours.

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Try a demonstration pathway powered by the Coviu HealthDirect Video Call

Telehealth pathway mobile app

  • Screen patient history prior to the telehealth visit
  • Quickly identify patient risk profile
  • Send patients straight into your telehealth waiting room
  • Use your existing telehealth solution or choose from one of our partners
  • Manage the entire patient journey through a secure pathway

Update protocols in minutes

  • Gain full control of assessments and patient instructions
  • Achieve seamless continuity of your organisation’s brand identity with your patients
  • Update protocols in minutes with a drag and drop interface in accordance with latest clinical guidelines
  • Add ongoing education and follow-up of symptoms for at risk patients

Real-time dashboard

  • Receive real time alerts from your staff highlighting at-risk patients based on patient answers
  • Avoid unnecessary staff time consumption on manual pre-admission work
  • Secure patient messaging to provide ad-hoc instructions or ongoing support

Make it easy to register. Put the generated QR code on signs, forms and cards.

Patient registration options

  • Go live in under 24 hours. with no IT time required.
  • Allow patients to enter their mobile number to receive an invitation to your telehealth pathway app
  • Let them register via QR code, simple text message or dedicated link on your website

Health-Grade privacy and security

  • Powered by Personify Care platform that’s been used to monitor over 460,000 patient interactions and screen over 160,000 clinical risks in the last 12 months
  • Meets all Australian privacy & security requirements
  • Patient identity verified through 2-factor authentication
  • Patient opt-in consent at registration to share information with the healthcare team via the platform
  • Adheres to strict security standards with all data encrypted in transit and at rest
  • Trusted by leading healthcare organisations across Australia and New Zealand for over 5 years

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Powered by Personify Care

Trusted by these leading healthcare providers:

We went live with Personify Care in the midst of the COVID crisis. The setup only took a few weeks and we saw immediate benefits in helping us deal with current challenges. The support to our staff has been outstanding and the patients have responded really well to the service.

Deborah Muldoon
Deborah Muldoon
CEO, Glenelg Community Hospital



  • from 500 patients screened per month
  • from 1 staff license
  • plugs into any online telehealth system with option for integration / API (call for details)

from AUD$ 800 / month (ex. taxes)

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Large / Enterprise

  • 1000+ patients screened per month
  • Multiple sites
  • Custom pathways
  • plugs into any online telehealth system with option for integration / API (call for details)

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