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      Digital IFC Solution for Hospitals

      Our Digital Informed Financial Consent solution is a fast and effective way for hospitals to inform a patient of the cost of treatment prior to their admission, and digitally collect their consent. Get started in 7 days.

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      Collect IFC from patients, in under 24 hours

      • Easily collect a patient’s informed financial consent, even when you have less than one day’s notice before admission
      • Eliminate many of the manual calls, faxes & emails
      • Improve patient response rate and ensure 100% of patients are financially informed appropriately before surgery

      Does your team meet the new NSQHS Standards?

      • Don’t consume staff time chasing patients for Digital IFC
      • Patients understand what their out of pocket expenses are – including for private patients, what is and is not covered by their private health insurance
      • You can easily update pathways in minutes with a drag and drop editor

      Minimise the risk of surgical delays

      • Seamless patient invitation experience via QR code, simple text message or dedicated link on your website
      • Automated reminder notifications so you can avoid chasing unresponsive patients
      • Automatically identify patients that haven’t completed their consent form and follow up with them quickly and easily
      • Excess payment can be collected within your IFC pathway, if desired

      Streamline your entire patient pre-admission pathway

      • You’re in full control of the patient experience – from branding, timing & content of patient communications
      • No need to change the way you work, we can mirror your existing workflows
      • Extend your pathway to include admission and health information forms, practical arrival details like where to park or appointment reminders to decrease no-shows

      Health-Grade privacy and security

      • Powered by Personify Care platform that’s been used to monitor over 1 million patient interactions and screen over 290,000 clinical risks in the last 12 month
      • Meets all Australian privacy & security requirements
      • Patient identity verified through 2-factor authentication
      • Patient opt-in consent at registration to share information with healthcare team
      • All information stored in Australia
      • Adheres to strict security standards with all data encrypted in transit and at rest.

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