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Ditigal Patient Pathways Masterclass Series

We’re passionate about supporting frontline teams to actively learn and lead thier digital health transformation.

Our masterclass series is presented by RNs and start with the basics of digital patient pathways (also known as e-pathways, digital care pathways, electronic patient experience and more) and progress to more advanced patient pathway management.


Digital Pathways to Streamline Peri-op Patient Journey


Digital Patient Pathways for Beginners

Past Webinars

Improving Regional Health Outcomes:

Can monitoring PROs via digital pathways improve the health outcomes of vulnerable patients in regional Victoria

Adoption of digital pathways beyond COVID-19

Digital Patient Pathways: A Response to COVID-19 & Beyond

Recently Published Papers & Abstracts

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Monash Health

Victorian Perioperative Nurses Group (VPNG) Conference 2021

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ACHSM Asia-Pacific Health Leadership Congress 2021

Digital Pre-admission Pathways Cover Image

Mercy Hospital Dunedin

Health Informatics New Zealand (HiNZ) Conference 2021

Nursing Informatics International Congress (NI 2021) 2021

Health Informatics Conference (HIC) 2020

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