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      Day Patient App:
      Pre-screen 24-hour Post-op Phone Calls.

      Pre-screen 24-hour post-op calls for day patients. Instantly flag patients needing support. Eliminate unnecessary calls. Improve patient experience. Get started in 24 hours.

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      Day surgery patients: 24-hour post-op screening app

      Still spending nursing time making several calls per patient until they answer?

      • Send the same questions a nurse would have asked via mobile.
      • Automatically screen responses and flag patients not recovering as expected.
      • Target nursing calls to the patients in need of support.
      • Proven to significantly reduce calls AND improve patient experience.

      Update protocols in minutes

      You’re in full control of the screening assessments and patient instructions.

      • Screen for pain scores, nausea, swelling, wound issues or even offer patients to request a call.
      • Use your organisation’s branding identity with your patients.
      • Update protocols in minutes with a few clicks to meet changing clinical guidelines.

      Real-time dashboard

      • Real time alerts for your staff highlighting at-risk patients.
      • Don’t consume staff time with manual screening or phone calls that don’t get answered.
      • Don’t leave patients voicemails and risk privacy compliance issues.
      • Secure patient messaging channel to provide ad-hoc instructions or ongoing support.

      Make it easy to register. Put the generated QR code on signs, forms and cards.

      Patient registration options

      • Go live in under 24 hours. with no IT time required.
      • Allow patients to enter their mobile number to receive an invitation to your telehealth pathway app
      • Let them register via QR code, simple text message or dedicated link on your website

      Health-Grade privacy and security

      • Powered by Personify Care platform that’s been used to monitor over 1 million patient interactions and screen over 290,000 clinical risks in the last 12 month
      • Meets all Australian privacy & security requirements
      • Patient identity verified through 2-factor authentication
      • Patient opt-in consent at registration to share information with healthcare team
      • All information stored in Australia.
      • Adheres to strict security standards with all data encrypted in transit and at rest

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      Powered by Personify Care

      Trusted by these leading healthcare providers:

      “The Patient Pathway Mapping workshop facilitated by Personify Care allowed our team examine our pathways from a patient perspective and look for opportunities to streamline processes and enhance the patient experience.”

      Emma Lyndon
      DON, Adelaide Day Surgery, Cura, Day Hospitals Group



      • from 500 patients per month
      • from 1 staff license

      from AUD$ 800 / month (ex. taxes)

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      Large / Enterprise

      • 1000+ patients screened per month
      • Multiple sites
      • Custom pathways
      • plugs into any online telehealth system with option for integration / API (call for details)

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