Virtual Care Patient Pathways


Enable the safe and stable provision of healthcare services when the patient is not physically within the healthcare setting with Personify Care’s virtual models of care and ‘Hospital in the Home’ pathways.

Easily monitor patient risks at home to reduce the risk of readmissions or complications. Ideal for virtual patient monitoring, early discharge programs, or readmission prevention programs.

We’re helping healthcare teams boost bed capacity, without impacting quality of care


Identify & escalate high-risk patients to in-person care


Automatically collect data from medical devices


Support hybrid models of care

How Our Virtual Healthcare
and Remote Patient Monitoring Works

Automatically pull data from patient health devices such as pulse oximeters, glucometers, blood pressure monitors, electronic scales and smartwatches. Clinicians can then review high-risk patients in real-time.


Virtual Healthcare and Remote Patient Monitoring

We’re developing a novel approach to provide clinical teams with real-time visibility to patient risks by integrating with in-home medical devices to remotely capture patient data.

Monitor patient progress in real-time against a set of clinical rules. Alert clinicians if a patient requires further attention, without needing to manually review every data point.


Remove technical barriers to boost patient adoption


Patients can manually enter data, if they experience connection issues


Clinicians are in control of alert triggers, configurable to compliment any patient cohort


Automatically share self-management education, triggered by configurable device data thresholds or response indicators

Remote Patient Monitoring

In response to remote monitoring and hospital at home requirements, we’ve integrated patient data collected from pulse oximeters to remotely monitor patients as part of a digital patient pathway.

Patients have confidence their condition is being monitored via a daily digital check-in by their clinical team, whilst being comfortable in their home. 

Support patients with access to the best possible care, from anywhere.


Monitor patients in real-time against clearly defined escalation protocols


Receive alerts when a patient’s key health indicators deteriorate


Enable the capture and automated screening of patient-reported symptoms


Secure messaging between clinicians and patients


Send patients instructions automatically - triggered in accordance with clinical guidelines controlled by the health service


Free-up hospital bed capacity and direct care to the patients that need it most

For all team sizes, across public and private hospitals and clinics – from 250 to 25,000 patients per month.

We’re here to help healthcare teams reduce unnecessary admin & phone calls.

Our focus is on helping you connect patients to the best possible care and enabling staff to do what they do best – care for their patients.

Connect to your existing patient management or EMR systems

Data collected using the Personify Care platform can be integrated with hospital EMRs and practice management software using HL7 standards.

Patient assessments can also be printed for inclusion in their paper record – in the identical format to your existing forms.

Pathway not listed? No worries! 

We’re actively working with many Research teams to bring evidence-based pathways off the shelf and into the real-world. From antenatal parental pathways to cancer preventative care, we’re seeking partners. Get in touch to learn more.

Digitise your patient pathways with Personify Care