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MASTERCLASS: Digital Patient Pathways for Beginners

    This is the first masterclass in a series of webinars that explore Digital Patient Pathways and how they’re alleviating pressure on frontline staff and improving patient experiences.

    This first masterclass in the series examines:

    – what a Digital Patient Pathway (DPP) is;
    – how DPPs interact with different stages in the patient journey;
    – the impact DPPs can have on nurse/patient relationships and staff burnout;
    – common misgivings about the adoption of DPPs to support the patient journey;
    – how to convert your existing workflows, forms, and patient education leaflets into a DPP.

    Your host, Guillaume Leroux RN, Customer Success Manager at Personify Care, will also take you through practical, real-world examples and discuss the impact they have on quality of care and tackling staff burnout.