4.4 Million+ Patient Interactions: Celebrating the New Look Personify Care

We’re thrilled to announce an exciting new look for Personify Care. 

As we’ve grown over the past 5 years, so has our community and solution.


Recently we passed the incredible milestone of 4.4 million patient interactions delivered in our platform within a 12 month period. With more than 4.6 million clinical risks screened for these patients, the result is more clinical time being spent on high-value care as opposed to chasing paper forms and phone calls!



Patient response rate

Patient interactions

Clinical risks screened

We’re just getting started.

Personify Care now supports more patient pathways than ever before.

In the past 12 months, we’ve extended our platform to support Public Hospitals, Day Surgeries and, most recently; Clinical Researchers. From digital pathways to prepare patients for admission & support at-home post-discharge recovery, to engaging participants in clinical research trials, and antenatal support pathways for expecting parents.

We’re actively working on new, evidence-based pathways with our community for speciality units across public and private hospitals, and research clinics.

Public Hospitals

Private Hospitals

Day Surgery Hospitals

Clinical Trials

As this community continues to grow, and our platform extends into supporting evidence-based pathways – our brand needed to evolve too.

So we’ve refreshed the look and feel of Personify Care to reflect our exciting future.


The inspiration behind the logo

Central to this rebrand was our belief that people deserve the best possible care, even when they’re not in the hospital or clinic.

We needed a brand identity that reflected the benefits of our community streamlining their patient care beyond the hospital – an improved patient experience, organisational efficiency and clinical best practice adoption.

When brought together, this icon reflects the combination of two ideas that underpin Personify Care.

That patients want and need personalised care beyond their hospital stay, and health professionals want nothing more than to give their patients personalised care. By putting a personalisation engine in the hands of health professionals, we empower them to deliver their carefully crafted, proven clinical protocols in a way that is not only more efficient for hospitals, but also better for patients and clinicians.

Personify Care dark favicon
Starting today, you’ll see our new look out there.

We welcome your feedback and thoughts on our new brand identity and new website.

In the meantime, we’ll get back to work – connecting patients to the best possible care and enabling more staff to do what they do best – deliver high value care for their patients.

March 29, 2021