Foxo and Personify Care’s Alliance Elevates Patient Experience and Operational Excellence

Brisbane & Adelaide, Australia — In an ambitious move set to redefine healthcare communication and patient management, Foxo Technology Pty Ltd, the leader in secure, real-time healthcare communication, proudly announces a strategic alliance with Personify Care Pty Ltd. Personify Care, headquartered in Adelaide, South Australia, is renowned for its innovative digital patient pathways, designed to streamline clinical and administrative processes for healthcare teams so they can focus on high value care and improving patient flow.

Innovating Patient Care

Personify Care’s widely adopted solution enables healthcare professionals to rapidly convert clinical models of care into digital patient pathways to manage the patient journey before and after a face-to-face encounter. This integration significantly boosts qualified patient presentation while improving patient experience, satisfaction, and throughput. Moreover, the collaboration has been engineered to considerably lighten the operational burden on frontline hospital staff. As a result, healthcare teams can spend more time delivering high-value patient care and less time on administration.

The alliance provides health services with seamless access to Foxo’s enterprise communication technologies within Personify Care’s digital patient pathway platform. This will also allow clinical teams to improve care coordination via Foxo’s integration with Microsoft Teams. Health services currently using Foxo’s technologies will also have access to Personify Care’s digital pathway capability to manage advanced clinical coordination of their patients.  The result? A transformation in patient experience and organisational efficacy, setting a new benchmark in healthcare delivery.

A Comprehensive Solution for Modern Healthcare

At the heart of this partnership is a holistic approach to patient management. Beginning with Personify Care’s pre-admission workflows, patients are meticulously prepared for their healthcare journey, ensuring a streamlined experience from the outset. Foxo’s collaborative platform enhances this process, facilitating precise triaging and coordination of clinical tasks natively or optionally across any Microsoft Teams deployment. This significantly enhances care coordination across clinical teams, and reduces the workload on frontline staff. 

Commitment to Excellence

Foxo and Personify Care are united in their mission to modernise the patient experience within and reduce the administrative burden on frontline staff. This partnership promises to deliver:

  • Enhanced Patient Experience: A commitment to enhanced patient outcomes and experience through improved processes and interactions.
  • Streamlined Clinical Workflows: Efficient pre-admission and post-discharge workflows to minimise waiting times & cancellations ensure patients are better prepared and informed.
  • Efficient Care Coordination: A robust system for seamless internal admission and discharge coordination, enabled by Foxo with coordination options through Microsoft Teams.
  • Optimised Patient Flow: A shared commitment to support health services to improve patient care and ensure timely access to care.
  • Reducing burden: Improved internal operations and reducing the burden on clinical teams to focus on high-value care.

“The evolving healthcare landscape demands innovation not just to keep pace, but to lead,” remarked Luke Fletcher, CEO and Co-founder of Foxo. “Our alliance with Personify Care epitomises our vision to modernising the patient journey, ensuring a continuum of care that is both satisfying and beneficial.”

Echoing this vision, Ken Saman, CEO of Personify Care added, “Our alliance with Foxo is a demonstration of our mutual commitment to setting new standards in patient care and delivering modern interoperable solutions that make a difference for frontline staff caring for patients. We look forward to working together to advance patient experience and healthcare access.”


About Foxo Technology Pty Ltd

Foxo Technology is at the forefront of developing secure, real-time communication solutions aimed at enhancing collaboration and efficiency in healthcare settings. Based in Brisbane, Australia, Foxo is dedicated to innovating healthcare communications for better patient outcomes and organisational efficiency.


About Personify Care

Personify Care, headquartered in Adelaide, South Australia, specialises in digital patient pathways designed to optimise patient experiences and operational efficiency in healthcare. With a focus on leveraging technology to streamline patient management, Personify Care is a leader in digital health innovation.

For more information on the Foxo and Personify Care alliance, please contact:

[email protected]

The image features two logos side by side on a purple background. On the left is the "foxo" logo, which includes a stylized fox head in red followed by the word "foxo" in white lowercase letters. On the right is the "Personify Care" logo, which consists of a stylized "P" with a yellow dot and a blue cross, followed by "Personify" in white and "care" in light blue lowercase letters. Between the two logos is a plus sign (+), indicating a collaboration or partnership between Foxo and Personify Care.

June 4, 2024

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