Digital Health Transformation

[2024 Guide]


The sound execution of a digital transformation strategy is critical to meet the present demands on health services.

In this guide you will learn about the Six Cornerstones of a Digital Health Strategy to relieve the current pressure on health service whilst setting the foundation for digitally-enabled models of care. 

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Accelerate Your Digital Health Strategy

This guide discusses how digital patient pathways fit within existing models of care and uncovers how, when, and why some of the world’s leading healthcare organisations are taking steps to implement digital pathways to scale the demand for services.
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This whitepaper explores the six cornerstones of a digital health strategy and shares insights into:


Convenient, omni-channel access to care, is no longer optional


Digital health transformations scale when supported by clinical leads


Reduce staff burden, without compromising quality of care


Link quality improvement initiatives to strategic priorities with real-time analytics


Optimise service delivery to reduce clinical variation


Unlock high-frequency quality data to fuel better predictions

Learn how leading health services converted their clinical protocols

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