Digital Patient Pathways

[2022 Guide]


Your guide to how hospitals and clinics are converting their existing protocols and models of care into flexible, personalised digital patient pathways to meet the rising demand for healthcare services. 

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    Digital Patient Pathways offer more than just online forms and reminders

    Digital patient pathways are a daily mobile checklist of things patients needs to do, know, or forms and assessments they need to complete as part of their episode of care.

    These steps in the pathways are traditionally converted from paper forms and phone calls and may take the form of questionnaires, videos, digital posters, text and more. 

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    This practical guide to Digital Patient Pathways shares insights into:


    What are digital patient pathways?


    Scaling a simple patient experience that doesn't overwhelm frontline staff


    Examples of digital patient pathways within a patient's episode of care


    How to design patient-centric digital patient pathways AND keep health teams in control


    How clinicians can remotely answer one simple question for patients, what do I need to do today?


    How to digital patient pathways can be used alongside patient portals and other tools

    Learn how leading health services converted their clinical protocols

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