Personify Care and Harris Maternity Launch Digital Antenatal Pathways via new Innovation Partnership

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Harris Maternity and Personify Care launch the Nourish Baby app at the Australian College of Midwives 25th National Conference. A Game-Changer for Expectant Parents and Maternity Healthcare Services.

Personify Care and Harris Maternity are delighted to announce their innovation partnership, to deliver the Nourish Baby app powered by Personify Care’s digital pathway technology – a significant step forward in delivering antenatal education and care to expectant parents.
The Nourish Baby app will be powered by Personify Care’s digital pathway platform and will allow healthcare services to deliver the accredited Nourish Baby antenatal education to birthing parents.


Empower Women Throughout Their Pregnancy Journey

Meanwhile, Personify Care customers will also have the option of embedding the Nourish Baby education program into their new or existing antenatal clinical workflow. Access to this accredited program will empower women throughout their pregnancy journey; whilst also leveraging the power of digital pathways to streamline midwives’ workloads, enhance clinical efficiency, identify early-pregnancy risks.



Round-The-Clock Access to Evidence-Based to Antenatal Pathways

Ken Saman, CEO of Personify Care, remarked, “This collaboration will support the integration of a consumer education program with digitally-enabled models of care, delivering information tailored to the specific stage of pregnancy. Expectant parents will now have round-the-clock access to evidence-based, engaging, and easily comprehensible antenatal and early parenting education, that’s accessible from any device.”Nick Lockwood, Vice President, Sales & Marketing at Harris Maternity shared “We are thrilled to be partnering with Personify Care to further enhance our offering to maternity units across the country. This new innovative partnership will provide additional support to midwives and empower expectant parents throughout their antenatal journey. Midwives will now have the capability to deliver a more personalised and efficient education and care experience.”

Personify Care’s digital platform can be seamlessly customised to suit the unique needs of each maternity service and is currently being used by teams across the country to reduce the burden on midwives.

Ken Saman continued that “Converting existing health questionnaires, surveys, and antenatal education into consumer-friendly pathways has never been easier. By accessing the Nourish Baby program powered by Personify Care, maternity teams can offer a powerful digital experience demonstrated to improve consumer health literacy whilst driving efficiencies for health services and reducing administrative burden on midwives.”



Enabling Positive Maternal Health Outcomes

Mellissa Grant, Director of Operations for Nourish Baby, shared how parents will also benefit, stating, “Parents can now learn at their own pace, with content tailored to their due date. The platform integrates automated screening and patient education, aligning seamlessly with maternity services’ clinical guidelines.”

Together, Personify Care and Harris Maternity are committed to empowering consumers with personalised digital experiences that benefit both expectant parents and healthcare providers.


Digital Antenatal Pathways

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September 11, 2023

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