How to get started in 3 simple steps

Step 1.

Upload existing forms and handouts (2-3 days)
  • Send us your existing pre-admission assessments, financial consent forms and post-discharge information handouts that are currently provided to patients
  • Within 2-3 days you get access to a digital version of your own existing patient pathway within our platform

Step 2.

Review and approve patient pathways (2-3 days)
  • Review and update the pathway within the platform starting with your existing processes.
  • Review and approve changes based on feedback from your team.
  • You retain control of the pathway content and can make changes and add new pathways at any time.

Step 3.

Turn on access for your team
(1 week)
  • We give your team access and allow them to register as test patients
  • We provide online induction to your entire team and let them practice using the system.
  • That’s it! At this point you’re ready to start using with patients.

Your Pre-admission & Post-Discharge Pathways powered by Personify Care

We believe that for patients to get the best possible care, healthcare staff need seamless, secure and timely access to information about their patients’ preparation for their procedures and their recovery after they leave.

Fewer cancellations. Visibility of Patient Recovery.

Personify Care is an easy to use mobile platform that lets hospital staff configure their existing patient pathways (clinical and admin).

Patients are automatically assigned to the pathway that’s relevant to their procedure or hospital.  They receive a daily mobile checklist of things they need to do, things they need to know and forms and assessments they need to complete prior to their admission.

Staff stop manually reviewing pre-admission forms and chasing patients on the phone and start focusing on the few patients each day that require follow-up based on their preperation in the previous 24 hours.

Go live in under 4 weeks:

  • Map existing pre-admission & post-discharge pathways
  • Store patient data in existing patient record systems
  • No need for special projects, hardware or complicated
    changes to your workflows
  • Technology that learns from patient interactions to deliver
    patient response rates of over 86%

Proven to reduce costs by over 68%

Working with a leading Australian hospital we demonstrated:

  • 68% reduction in costs of managing patients
  • Less time on admin / more time spent on patient care
  • 98% of patients would recommend service to friends & family
  • 614 clinical risks detected early
  • Results presented at 2018 Health Informatics Conference

Mobile Pre-admission & Post-Op Checklist

Patients register securely on their mobile

  • Patients receive a secure link via text or email and their identity verified with 2-factor authentication.
  • Patients are auto-assigned to a pathway or protocol based on their procedure, hospital or specialist.


You’re in control of patient pathways

Prepared patients, reduced cancellations & enhanced recovery

  • Patients receive a checklist on their mobile of things they need to do and know before they come into hospital.
  • They complete risk assessments, review instructions and complete forms relevant to their procedure.

Real-time clinical dashboard

Automated screening & alerts.

  • Receive patient histories and consent forms early so that risks can be managed.
  • Automatically screen patient history against clinical criteria for each procedure.
  • Identify patients not properly prepared for their procedure and manage before it’s too late.
  • Monitor post-discharge recovery and eliminate time-consuming phone calls.


Full EMR integration

Data stored directly into the patient’s record.

  • Data collected using the Personify Care platform can be integrated with hospital EMRs and practice management software using HL7 standards.
  • Patient assessments can also be printed for inclusion in their paper record (identical format to existing forms).
Clinical Dashboard

Deliver patient information and forms. Identify patients not properly prepared for their procedure. Monitor complication risks after their procedure via mobile or desktop dashboard.

Patient Friendly Interface

Patients access their patient checklist from their clinical team. This includes things they need to do, need to know and assessments to complete for the day. Used by all age groups with response rates of over 90%.

Mobile Registrations

Patients are assigned to their individual protocol in the lead up to their procedure based on their mobile number, procedure type and procedure date.

Team Alerts & Notifications

Automatically send notifications to clinical users notifying them of a patient status requiring their attention either before or after the procedure.

Protocol Editor

Access the easy to use protocol editor to create and update your protocols at any time. Plug in existing information, assessments and protocols and start monitoring patient risks within minutes (not weeks).

Smart Assessments

Allow patients to complete their forms and assessments before they come in for an appointment or procedure. Auto-skip questions that don’t apply to them. Save time transcribing their information.

Flag Complication Risks

Detect risks early by allowing patients to track their recovery. Use red flags to identify patients that require follow up. With a click on the dashboard see the patients that need follow up today.

Patient Summary Reports

Patient summaries of progress in between appointments and phone calls can be printed as a pdf for storage in the patient record.

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