Digital IFC: How hospitals can collect informed financial consent from patients, in under 24 hours


By Guillaume Leroux, Customer Experience Manager, Personify Care

Our Digital IFC solution is a fast and effective way to inform a patient of the cost of treatment prior to surgery, and digitally collect their signature.

We work with some amazing hospitals across the world and we understand that securing Informed Financial Consent (IFC) from patients before admission is an important administrative responsibility.

The requirements to comply with the Advisory AS18/10 Informed Financial Consent might be giving you a headache because you have no other means to give this document to your patients except via fax or mail. Channels that can pose a security risk for communicating sensitive patient information.

As we’re speaking to customers, we often hear examples of staff being notified a patient is inbound for surgery within 24 hours. Add in delays to postal deliveries, AMA requirements, lost forms, and dealing with stressful last-minute financial conversations with patients – how can you truly collect informed financial consent from patients?

We’ve listened to our community and have created a Digital IFC solution to help.

How to digitally collect informed financial consent from patients

Our Digital IFC solution is a fast and effective way to inform a patient of the cost of treatment prior to surgery, and digitally collect their signature.

In 4 easy steps you can be on your way for smoother, faster patient administration:

  1. Easily create or upload the patients document.
    *Hint* To automate this step & reduce manual data entry, you could integrate your EMR with Personify Care
  2. Send to patients via QR code, simple text message or dedicated link on your website
  3. Patients sign on their mobile device, and can download a copy for their records
  4. You’re automatically notified & the completed Digital IFC can flow back into your Electronic Medical Record (EMR)

Digital Informed Financial Consent Patient Experience example

You can also easily add reminders to prompt patients who have not completed the consent – giving you the flexibility and assurance to follow up only with the patients that need it.

What are the advantages of Digital IFC?

Having a digital way to manage the collection of financial consent is like having an extra set of hands working for you. Some of the benefits of our Digital Informed Financial Consent solution for hospitals include:

  • Spend less time chasing patients for Informed Financial Consent.

    By improved patient response rate, administrative teams can define the patient pathway and automatically notify (and remind) patients to complete the financial consent form – eliminating many of the manual to and fro calls. Healthcare teams are then able to focus on only the patients that need assistance.

  • Your organisation meet the Advisory AS18/10 Informed Financial Consent (NSQHS Standards, Partnering with Consumers)

    Patients understand what their medical treatments are, and might cost – including what is and is not covered by their private health insurance or Medicare.

  • Minimise risk of surgical delays.

    By having an auditable, digital collection process, IFC can be completed quickly from any mobile device. You can rest easy knowing that forms are not missed, and surgeries are not delayed due to outstanding administrative tasks.

  • Audit trail for compliance & secure communication between the hospital & patients.

    Adheres to strict security standards with all data encrypted in transit and at rest. Patients can also access a copy of their Digital IFC form, securely.

Could I extend the Digital IFC solution to include my hospitals pre-admission information?

Yes! Without changing the way you work, we bring together patient pathways to free up scarce hospital resources. We can help you digitise the full patient experience to suit your needs.

By creating a a hospital pre-admission pathway, you can ensure patients are fully informed & invested in their own care.

With the flexibility to choose if you personalise the pathway by patient, you can give patients specialised information. Your digital pathway can mirror your existing workflow to include admission and health information forms, practical arrival information like where to park or appointment reminders to decrease no-show. You could even collect excess payment within your pathway, if desired.

We’re here to help you collect digital consent from patients.

We can customise and have you setup with Digital IFC in as little as a few days. Let’s ditch the emails to patients and make those awkward pre-op financial conversations with patients a thing of the past.

If you would like to learn more about our Digital IFC solution for hospitals, why not schedule a chat with one of our amazing patient pathway specialists.

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November 2, 2020

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