St Andrew’s Hospital launches integration between Personify Care and InterSystems

Read the Case Study, which discusses the integration between Personify Care and InterSystems TrakCare at St Andrew’s Hospital.

In line with St Andrew’s Hospital’s goal of reducing the manual administrative burden on their staff, the team at this Adelaide private hospital has introduced Personify Care digital pathways to streamline workflows and enhance their patient’s experience.

The impact of this is that staff can now spend their time providing high-quality care to the patients who need it most.

The introduction of digital patient pathways and subsequent integration with their existing clinical information system, InterSystems TrakCare, aimed to:


improve their patient experience


enhance their admission process


identify early clinical or administrative issues that might impact a patient’s admission

Once digital pathways were introduced, DWS was then engaged to coordinate the integration between InterSystems TrakCare and Personify Care. “The flexible APIs and proactive technical support provided by Personify Care enabled us to deliver an integration solution that met the needs of St Andrew’s staff and met the strategic objectives of the organisation”, says Jason Dreimanis, General Manager at DWS.

The first stage of this project was to open the flow of information from InterSystems TrakCare to Personify Care, ensuring patient admission and discharge data is in sync.

The next phase will enable the patient information being collected from Personify Care to flow into InterSystems TrakCare, which will further reduce the administrative burden for admission teams by removing a data entry step in their workflow.

Since introducing Personify Care St Andrew’s has utilised digital pathways to:

  • provide patients with patient education
  • screen clinical risks pre-admission
  • capture informed financial consent with digital signatures
  • conduct COVID screening
  • provide post-discharge follow-up and support.

Within the patient cohort who have been offered access to digital pathways, they have achieved an 80% uptake rate.

Converting clinical and administrative protocols into a simple patient experience keeps patients connected and informed across the continuum of their care and better prepares them for their admission by providing timely information before and after their admission.


St Andrew’s Hospital is a private hospital in central Adelaide, providing medical and surgical services to the South Australian community for over 80 years. This multi award-winning hospital with over 200 beds that houses nine state-of-the-art operating theatre suites, an 18-bed critical care unit, an emergency department plus two procedure rooms, an angiography suite, a day patient suite and South Australia’s most comprehensive private cancer-care facility. It is also Australia’s largest, stand-alone independent private hospital.


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November 3, 2021