Royal Adelaide & The Queen Elizabeth Hospitals relieve pressure on front-line staff

Achieving high patient adoption rate and reduced workload pressure of front-line hospital teams with the adoption of 8 Personify Care digital patient pathways at the Royal Adelaide Hospital and The Queen Elizabeth Hospital.

The Central Adelaide Local Health Network (CALHN) is collaborating with Personify Care to co-design digital patient pathways for CALHN patients across 20+ speciality areas and multiple sites; the Royal Adelaide Hospital, The Queen Elizabeth Hospital and SA Dental.

Using Personify Care’s novel technology, protocols were converted into digital patient pathways
(deployed to patients in under 4 weeks) and within just 7 months have been demonstrated to:

  • Reduce Elective Surgery Cancellations 28% reduction on day of procedure cancellations at the Royal Adelaide Hospital
  • Reduce Workload Pressures 85.1% of the Royal Adelaide Hospital patients supported by digital patient pathways no longer required manual pre-admission follow up
  • Reduce Cat-1 Wait Times 71% reduction in wait times for Category 1 Gastroenterology procedures at The Queen Elizabeth Hospital
  • Consistently High Patient Adoption 83% patient adoption rate across all patient populations

Personify Care’s digital patient pathways were codesigned based on existing clinical and administrative protocols that were deployed to improve the patient access and experience, whilst simultaneously reducing the burden on frontline hospital staff, allowing them to spend their time on high-value patient care.

“The results so far at the Royal Adelaide Hospital and The Queen Elizabeth Hospital have been outstanding. Using a human-centered design approach, we support hospitals and clinics to provide patients with convenient access to their care and provide front line clinical staff with real-time visibility to their patients’ reported progress, quality of life, and care experience. In doing so, we’re simultaneously reducing the burden on staff and ensuring patients get access to the care they need when they need it most,” says Personify Care CEO Ken Saman.

Paul Lambert, Executive Director for Digital Design at Central Adelaide Local Health Network (CALHN) says the results have been extremely pleasing. “Personify Care has enabled us to rapidly implement new patient pathways within four weeks, without needing to change existing clinical protocols. These pathways are already freeing up our teams to deliver high-value care, identify risks earlier, and implement new models of care for better health outcomes for South Australians in the future.”

The initial proof of concept between CALHN and Personify Care was supported by the Go2Gov program established by the Government of South Australia, Department for Innovation and Skills, to encourage and support local companies and businesses to bring innovative solutions to government agencies.

“The partnership between Personify Care and CALHN is an outstanding example of where
connections formed through the Marshall Government’s Go2Gov program can lead,” David Pisoni, Minister for Innovation and Skills, said.

“The outcomes for the health care system and patients speak for themselves—and we’re also excited to see a South Australian startup achieve such outstanding success and be able to prove the validity of their software with a large reference customer.” – Minister for Innovation and Skills, David Pisoni.

Personify Care supports healthcare teams across the world from its headquarters at Lot Fourteen in Adelaide, South Australia. In response to the growing demand for accessible and scalable digital patient pathways, the Personify Care has doubled it’s Australian-based team in the past twelve months, and are actively recruiting to support further growth in FY22.

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About Personify Care

Personify Care believe people deserve the best possible care, even when they are not in the hospital or clinic. They provide software that helps healthcare teams reach patients when they need it most, by converting their clinical pathways into a mobile patient experience and eliminating unnecessary paper forms and phone calls.

Personify Care is an Australian company established in 2014 with corporate headquarters based in Adelaide, South Australia. The company has customers and operations in Australia, New Zealand and the United States. For more information, visit:

November 4, 2021