New Pulse Oximeter integration to support COVID remote monitoring patient pathways

In response to remote monitoring and hospital at home requirements for Covid-19 positive patients, Personify Care is now integrating patient data from wireless Pulse Oximeter devices into digital COVID-19 patient pathways.
Remote monitoring of blood oxygen saturation levels is a key requirement to support virtual models of care for Covid patients isolating at home. Health services can now monitor patients remotely in real-time without the data overload. Clinicians configure alerts based on their own clinical protocols, are alerted when a reading is beyond a specified threshold and can follow up with patients via secure messaging.


“With state and international borders reopening, we’re seeing health services rapidly deploy virtual and hybrid models of care. With increased pressure on our health system, these models only work if they reduce the need for clinical staff to visit or call patients daily to collect their vital signs such as oxygen saturation levels. Ultimately, we’re working to reduce the burden on frontline nursing and clinical staff by solving the barriers to technology adoption.”

“Patients don’t need to be tech savvy. They can access their pathway using the same device they use every day to contact their friends and family.”
– Ken Saman, CEO of Personify Care.


Our integration with Pulse Oximeters demonstrates the ability for clinical staff to rapidly deploy digital patient pathways that enable patients to seamlessly send their vital sign data to their healthcare team. Patients are also able to report symptom data, receive self-management education, and secure communication from their clinical team.

The integration with iHealth’s Wireless Pulse Oximeters is a great example of how healthcare teams can use the flexible integration modules offered by Personify Care. This flexibility allows healthcare services to rapidly deploy remote patient monitoring and hybrid models of care using other devices across a range of clinical indicators.

“Monitoring patients at home rather than in hospital is better for the patient and better for the health system. Personify Care’s integration with the iHealth wireless pulse Oximeter demonstrates the importance of a complete end-to-end remote patient monitoring system”
 Craig Craig Simmonds, CEO and Founder Propell – Australian distributors of iHealth devices.


Using the Personify Care novel approach to device integration, clinicians can embed remote patient monitoring into a comprehensive digital patient pathway including real-time monitoring of PREMs and PROMs, patient self-management education triggered when a reading is beyond a certain threshold as well as alerts to the care management team to follow up with the patient. By detecting risks and issues early, the aim is to improve patient health outcomes whilst reducing the burden on frontline healthcare teams. 

The Personify Care platform has a proven track record of solving the practical patient adoption problems for large patient populations so that patients get convenient access to their care. 

Personify Care’s novel technology platform uses data-driven models to deliver patient adoption of digital patient pathways at scale. In the past 12 months alone, the Personify Care platform has delivered a 90% patient response rate across more than 6.4 million patient interactions from diverse patient populations in public and private healthcare settings across Australia, New Zealand, and internationally.

Personify Care is seeking to partner with health services that are introducing virtual and hybrid models of care that include remote patient monitoring via device integration. To learn more visit or contact us at [email protected]

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November 8, 2021