Streamline care beyond the hospital stay.

Because patients deserve the best possible care before and after their visit.

Personify Care is easy to use software for healthcare providers. Plug-in your own clinical protocols & pathways. Screen & educate patients for pre-admission clinical risks & post-treatment recovery. Allow staff to deliver care without manually processing forms and time consuming phone calls.

Behind the Pitch with Dr. J: Personify Care

Share in licence revenue from healthcare customers you refer.

Monthly Archives: June 2017

Behind the Pitch with Dr. J: Personify Care

TMCx advisor and orthopedic surgeon J. Michael Bennett interviews startups for his podcast, “Behind the Pitch with Dr. J.” The following is an excerpt from a recent interview with Ken Saman, CEO of Personify Care, an Australian digital health care company offering a platform for supporting patients before and after their hospital stays. 

Texas Medical Center’s TMCx Accelerator Showcases Fourth Class of 21 Digital Health Startups

On Thursday, the Texas Medical Center (TMCx ) Innovation Institute hosted showcased its fourth class of 21 digital healthstartups at TMCx Demo Day. The current TMCx class includes startups focused on addressing problem in key healthcare areas, including artificial intelligence, medication management, health care process improvement, remote care and behavior/neurological health.