Streamline care beyond the hospital stay.

Because patients deserve the best possible care before and after their visit.

Personify Care is easy to use software for healthcare providers. Plug-in your own clinical protocols & pathways. Screen & educate patients for pre-admission clinical risks & post-treatment recovery. Allow staff to deliver care without manually processing forms and time consuming phone calls.

The Self Made Theory – CEO Ken Saman appears on podacast

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Monthly Archives: October 2018

The Self Made Theory – CEO Ken Saman appears on podacast

There’s something about technology in the Healthcare industry that really resonates with me.  But, let’s be honest, no one really likes spending time in hospital. Today my guest today is Ken, founder & CEO of Personify Care.  What Personify Care are out to achieve, amongst other things, is to reduce the re-admission rates of patients back into hospital after surgery.  And that’s a great thing for the patient, for the hospital, for the clinicians and for our healthcare industry in general.