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Personify Care is easy to use software for healthcare providers. Plug-in your own clinical protocols & pathways. Screen & educate patients for pre-admission clinical risks & post-treatment recovery. Allow staff to deliver care without manually processing forms and time consuming phone calls.

Healthcare at a Tipping Point: 2021 Trends in Digital Health

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Healthcare at a Tipping Point: 2021 Trends in Digital Health

We saw something shift in the last few months of 2020. We seemed to reach a tipping point in healthcare technology where the cost of inaction is actually higher than the cost of action. If there’s a silver lining to this awful pandemic; it has shown that digital health solutions can enhance clinical care, rather than get in the way of the personal relationship between healthcare teams and their patients.  It has demonstrated that there is a better way that can (at scale) reduce pressure on healthcare staff, reduce costs on the health system and provide a better care experience.  Communicating with patients the old way because “it’s the way we’ve always done it” is breaking down really quickly. Health services are dealing with increased demand and frontline health workers are already at the limits of “doing more with less”.  Healthcare teams big and small, in private and public settings, are meeting this challenge head-on. Here’s a look at the digital health trends we’re seeing across health services as we kick off 2021: From ‘Portals’ to ‘Personalisation‘From ‘Big-Bang Projects’ to ‘Team-based Solutions‘From ‘Analytics’ to ‘Just-in-Time Health Information‘From ‘Keeping-Up’ to ‘New Models of Care‘ 1. From ‘Portals’ to ‘Personalisation‘ Personalisation of the patient experience is taking a significant step forward.

Australian government backs digital health technology for US expansion

Australian digital health company Personify Care aims to accelerate its push into the lucrative US market thanks to the support of the Australian Federal Government this week.

Personify Care selected as Pulse MassChallenge semi-finalist

Personify Care has been selected as the only Australian company to present to leading US healthcare organisations in Boston. Personify Care has been selected as a semi-finalist in the MassChallenge Pulse program out 439 applicants across 20+ countries and 30+ US states.

Partners Health Symposium 2016 in Boston

Personify Care joined the Partners Health Connected Health Symposium 2016.  A change-agent conference that promotes innovative thinking and the application of personal consumer health technologies to support new models of care delivery.

Exhibiting at Advamed 2016 in Minneapolis

Personify Care exhibits in Minneapolis at Advamed 2016. Personify Care was selected as one of 5 South Australian companies to exhibit at the Advamed 2016 conference bringing more than 1,000 companies together showcasing innovative technology and world-class educational opportunities.

Media spotlight: The Lead South Australia

Personify Care featured in the Lead South Australia “Health innovations from Down Under prepare for leading MedTech conference”

Presents to the RACS Annual Scientific Meeting

Dr James Kollias presents the paper “Reduce Risk, Save Time and Improve Care with Mobile Technology” at the the 2016 NT, WA & SA Joint Annual Scientific Meeting with a focus on how Personify Care supports clinical best practice for Breast Cancer patients.

Publishes St Andrew’s study results at HIC 2016

Adrian Saunders, Associate Director of Nursing at St Andrew’s Hospital and Ken Saman, CEO, Personify Care co-present a paper at the Health Informatics Conference in Melbourne, Australia.  The paper was nominated for the Don Walker Award. Download paper here.

Supporting interoperability: release HL7 API and integration

Personify Care releases its HL7 Restful API and first integration of patient recovery data (in between the phone call and face to face visit) into the patient’s existing medical record within EHR or Patient Management systems.

Personify Care signs first day-surgery customer

Personify Care signs Adelaide Plastic Surgery to deliver pre-consult and preadmission assessments as well as paperless post-discharge monitoring for their day patients.