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Personify Care is easy to use software for healthcare providers. Plug-in your own clinical protocols & pathways. Screen & educate patients for pre-admission clinical risks & post-treatment recovery. Allow staff to deliver care without manually processing forms and time consuming phone calls.

Healthcare at a Tipping Point: 2021 Trends in Digital Health

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Healthcare at a Tipping Point: 2021 Trends in Digital Health

We saw something shift in the last few months of 2020. We seemed to reach a tipping point in healthcare technology where the cost of inaction is actually higher than the cost of action. If there’s a silver lining to this awful pandemic; it has shown that digital health solutions can enhance clinical care, rather than get in the way of the personal relationship between healthcare teams and their patients.  It has demonstrated that there is a better way that can (at scale) reduce pressure on healthcare staff, reduce costs on the health system and provide a better care experience.  Communicating with patients the old way because “it’s the way we’ve always done it” is breaking down really quickly. Health services are dealing with increased demand and frontline health workers are already at the limits of “doing more with less”.  Healthcare teams big and small, in private and public settings, are meeting this challenge head-on. Here’s a look at the digital health trends we’re seeing across health services as we kick off 2021: From ‘Portals’ to ‘Personalisation‘From ‘Big-Bang Projects’ to ‘Team-based Solutions‘From ‘Analytics’ to ‘Just-in-Time Health Information‘From ‘Keeping-Up’ to ‘New Models of Care‘ 1. From ‘Portals’ to ‘Personalisation‘ Personalisation of the patient experience is taking a significant step forward.